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The Hukou system

One of the most widely known ways in which we live in a capitalist society is the system of "hukou" which basically means residence permit. There are two types of hukou, both of them very similar, but each with different requirements:

Hongkongers can apply for a work permit which grants them permission to work in a specific country. Once they receive a work permit, they may travel abroad as many times as they like, without having to wait for any sort of visa approval. This permits them to live in any country of the world with a work permit. The Chinese equivalent of the same is the Schengen Agreement. It is, however, a very limited form of travel, since it only gives foreigners permission to travel to a particular country and cannot grant them citizenship. The only countries for which Hongkongers are allowed to travel are those of the Schengen Area (China, Hong Kong and Macau) and the Schengen Islands. The Hongkong government has not yet adopted the Schengen Agreement as a formal requirement for getting a work permit, but it is a step in the right direction. Hong Kongers who live in mainland China are not allowed to work on the mainland or work outside of the mainland. This, combined with the fact that most of the work done in Hong Kong is illegal, has resulted in the island's rapidly deteriorating public image. Hong Kong is notorious as the gateway into China for many of the world's most wanted criminals. But that's not the whole story. Although it's no secret that most Hong Kong women work in the sex industry, they are still considered to be a minority and the majority of women live in secluded homes. The reason for this is that the Chinese government has no desire to be seen as oppressive, even if that perception is wrong. It wants to maintain the status quo and it has little incentive to actively enforce the law. As a result, most women in Hong Kong, whether they're working in the sex industry or not, don't feel they need to come forward and share their experiences. So as long as they're comfortable with the idea of prostitution, they will, in fact, remain silent.

I think the first time I heard about the brothel industry was from this book, " Hong Kong's Hidden Sex Work." It was the 1980s. I read the book at the time because it was a kind of reference point for the time. I didn't realize the extent of the brothel industry's involvement until I saw it in the film, " The Kidnapping of a Prostitute," which also took place in Hong Kong. There were actually many brothels in Hong Kong, so many, in fact, that it could be considered a thriving industry. There were so many brothels, but all of them were operating under one roof or another. I knew that most of the girls who were in the brothels weren't prostitutes, because I had seen how they acted when they met clients in person. The prostitutes were usually really nice girls, really friendly, and it was kind of exciting to meet them, to meet their family and their friends, to go into their rooms and see what they looked like. In the book, you find out that the brothel girls were actually forced into the profession because of the pressure of other business in Hong Kong. When I read the book, I was really surprised at how much the industry was actually involved in the prostitution industry. The whole scene in the book is really horrifying.

How did you meet? What were your experiences with the brothels? You also met my cousin. What is your connection to my cousin? My cousin, she has a blog that she writes about things she experiences. She's also in the business, so she was a bit of a mentor to me. She had worked with me, but then she met me through that website. We had been together for a while before then. She knew about me from the website before, but I hadn't met her yet. What did you both have in common? We were both in our 20s. Her name is Mika, and I'm her cousin. Why do you like girls? I love girls because it's fun. I just think they're really fun. I mean, they're nice, but what more can you ask for? There are guys that are kind of creepy, and there are girls that are creepy. The difference is, they're both good to you. I've dated a lot of girls, and I've never met a creepy girl that I didn't want to date. I don't know how else to explain it but just like I love being able to make people happy, it also makes me happy. It's just a different vibe. Girls are always really, really funny, so there are a lot of different people in the world that you'll never have any trouble making friends with. They're really cute and fun, and I would love to be able to meet them. They're just really nice, and it's so hard to be nice to someone like that.

I am so lucky. I'm really, really good with girls.