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About the Author

Hello, this is Yui, a 20 year old student in Taipei, Taiwan. I've been a member of the forum for 2 years, and have been a member since 2005. I was one of the moderators in the early days, but I was eventually kicked out of the group, because I was too good. I still remember the first time I was on a new board, and I was on my way to my favorite movie, "The Sixth Sense". When I got there, I saw this cute girl with blue hair in her apartment, with a blue cat on her lap. She said something to me like, "I'm really a cute girl!" I looked at her face and she smiled, and she looked so happy, so warm. I smiled back and thought, "She's so cute I want her in my life." And that was when I joined the community.

What is a good relationship?

I think a good relationship is what most men need in life, for many reasons. I think it goes back to the same "I want to be with a girl who can provide for me". That's why, a lot of men will get into relationships with women who are less financially stable than them, but who will help them get what they need to live a life. If they can't provide for themselves, they won't be able to find a girlfriend who will. That's why men get so caught up with dating women that have money.

I think a lot of guys will feel like, "Hey, my girlfriend isn't that reliable. She's going through a lot of problems, she can't do what I need." So they'll end up sleeping with a woman that's less stable, but who will still be there. And you get this kind of relationship: one who's kind and sweet, and the other who's not. You get to know them well and have the kind of relationship that you want to have.

There's a reason why Hongkongers are the top of the population in Hong Kong, and not somewhere else, and why Hongkongers tend to be the most successful people.

I think guys from the mainland are a little bit more insecure because of the "one hit wonders" that they're surrounded with, like with Lee Hoi-geun and Park Sang-hyun. They're surrounded with some of the world's most successful guys, and they're like, "Wow, I'm surrounded by a lot of money. There are some very good men out there," like they do in the West. But the guys from Hong Kong, they don't feel like they're surrounded by that kind of fame and fortune. But it's the same in the West. They're surrounded by the same kind of money, and they're not that much better at it, so they're not going to feel that insecure that they're on a downward slope. So it's just going to be natural. It's a kind of natural environment for guys from the West to meet girls.

What's your favorite dating app?

I would have to say Tinder. I'd like to see more apps come out with these features that allow you to set up your profile and then meet up with people, like when you go to a concert, you can meet up with someone, you can go see a show together, and you can also see what other people are looking at. That's just a cool, awesome feature.

Do you have a favorite place to go in Hong Kong?

Yes! It's called Hong Kong. It's amazing. I have been there a few times. It's really, really, really beautiful. I was there for the first time just this week. That was my first visit to Hong Kong. I was surprised when I saw the city. It was crazy. People are very friendly, very open, and there is a lot of fun going on. You have a lot of girls to choose from. It really is a city that people from Hong Kong have gone to many times in the past. It's kind of a paradise for you guys.

Hong Kong is known for being a very fun city. The culture is very unique and so is the people. If you want to meet beautiful girls who love Hong Kong and are just as crazy about hanging out with you as you are, you definitely need to go to Hong Kong. There are tons of places in Hong Kong where you can find amazing girls and you can spend lots of time and money trying to find out what makes these girls tick. That's one of the main reasons why we've included a Hong Kong Dating Guide that explains everything you need to know about girls in Hong Kong and gives you the best places to go to meet them. If you have any questions regarding what to do in Hong Kong or where to go for the best girls, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you with anything, and if we don't answer your question in time, we'll try our hardest to find the right person to answer it. I want to be the best possible man possible! (or so I used to think) Well, you can have it.